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All web site companies are not equal. Why? Some companies and designers pay attention to detail, while others just "throw" a site up, neglecting the small things that make a web site "complete". Here are some things that separate good web site designers from the mediocre.

We insure that your site appears correctly and as close as possible to the original design layout in most commonly used browsers::

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Netscape
  • Opera
  • Mozilla
  • SeaMonkey
  • Safari

And multiple screen resolutions.

Look at a number of inexpensive or "homemade" web sites and view the quality (or lack of) of the pictures posted on the site. Are they "fuzzy"? Can you see the detail?

Is there appropriate code in your pages for search engines to 'crawl' or investigate your site. Search engine or <META TAG> code although invisible to the visitor or viewer, is one of the most important pieces of code located in your pages. If it's missing or incorrect you'll never get into the search engines for people to find your site. The two main pieces of code that are needed are described below.

META Name="description"
The description underneath the search engine link that gives a description of your web site. This is a brief description that needs to catch a potential customer or visitors eye.

META Name="keywords"
Without this tag many search engines will not register your page. This is how a person can find your business, service or site. They type in certain keywords and the search engine gives them a list of links/sites that match their criteria.

If your pages do not have these <META TAGS> included then your not getting the full potential out of your site's registration in the search engines.

Do you see a description of a graphic when your mouse passes over it? No, then your designer forgot to include the 'Alt=' tag for all images description. This is useful if a visitor to your site has images turned off in their browser.

If a visitor has images turned off they cannot see your background and will only see a white page unless this is set. If your page happens to use white text on a dark background they will not see any text - a lost potential customer. By setting the background color along with your background image they will at least see a color that is approximate to the background value.

Make sure that "text links" are provided along with any graphic, JavaScript or Java buttons. Some people run their browsers with the graphics or JavaScript/Java turned off. Also some older browsers are not JavaScript or Java compatible. This means they will not be able to navigate your site - a lost potential customer.

Need your web site text updated or pictures added or changed? Some of our customers have complained that they could never get their updates posted or reach anyone that could help them with a problem once their site was built. We promise a 48 hour turn around (minor modifications are usually done the same day).

Having technical problems with your system or E-Mail program? Catch a darn virus or worm?

WebCatering will help you get everything straightened out so that you can utilize your time paying attention to your business and not your computer system.