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WebCatering LLC is not an Internet Service Provider nor do we offer any dialup connections. We maintain our focus on designing and hosting web sites.

Let's face it. Before you do anything you need to have a domain name (www.mysite.com)! We can discuss whether you need a .com, .org, or .net. We check to see if the name you desire is available and then we take care of the registration process. If the name you want is currently registered to someone else we will help you decide on an appropriate alternative.

If you already have a domain name:
If the registration indicates another Domain Name Server (DNS) and IP Address that are not WebCatering's, a request must be processed to modify the information. We process the request by E-Mailing your last hosting company and asking that the change be approved. In most cases we can get you up and running on our server within 48 hours with no problems. Sometimes there is a delay in obtaining an authorization for the modification. This can be due to a number of unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control.

If you have not registered your domain name:
We suggest that you do not fill out the request for a domain name yourself since you will not have access to certain information that must be supplied to properly complete your request and insure trouble free operation of your web site.

The price for registering your domain name is $12.00 per year at the time of registration. We do not add any additional surcharges.

Need to have someone build a site from scratch or remodel your old site? Haven't got any idea what you want or need but know you want a presence on the Internet? Take advantage of our low cost web site development. We'll discuss your specific needs and ease any concerns you may have. Then we design a custom, high quality web site that shows off your business or service to the world! From inception to the finishing artwork, graphics, pictures, text, forms, E-Commerce and E-Mail we can have you up and running quickly and at a cost you can afford!

Prices start as low as $400.00 per year for a 3 to 4 page design. The actual price will depend on the complexity of your site and your requirements. This price includes graphics and pictures as long as your artwork, logos and pictures are ready for scanning.

Included at no additional cost: 5 E-Mail addresses, bi-monthly search engine registration (a $150.00 value), and a web site traffic report (a $100.00 value). Free technical support for any browser issues or help in setting up your E-Mail program/account.

Now you've got your domain name, your website is online, but how does anyone find you out there in cyberspace? Don't let anyone kid you with "I can guarantee you that you will be in the top 10 in all the search engines." They can't. It just doesn't work that way. Search engine registration is part science, part art and part black magic, but we can make sure that you have the best possibility of getting your site exposed to 'surfers' or prospective customers.

For web sites that are designed by WebCatering there is no charge for this service.

If your using WebCatering for hosting only, search engine registration is available for $150.00 per year. That includes registering your web site every 2 months (6 times per year) in multiple search engines.

Your web site is up and running and your in all the appropriate search engines, but how many people are coming to your site? Find out easily with our web site traffic reports. We supply comprehensive reports that show how many how many visitors you've had, where they went and how long they stayed on your site. There are two types of reports we normally run on your site:

Last Month Report: This report is used for tracking statistics for the previous last month. You can compare in detail, whether your site had more or less visitors than the month before.

Complete Report: This report shows you all site statistics for the current year.

For web sites that are designed by WebCatering there is no charge for this service.

If your using WebCatering for hosting only, a web site traffic report is $125.00 per year. No custom reports are available.

We can provide on-site photos of your location, goods or services. Using the latest in digital camera technology, we can insure that the pictures on your web site are crystal clear and rich in color. If you do not live or work a reasonable distance from WebCatering you can send us your hard copy photos or graphics via US Mail, UPS or FedEx. Once we receive them we will scan them using our high resolution scanning equipment.

If your pictures or graphics are available to you digitally (files on a floppy disk or CD-ROM) you have two choices:

Send them to us via US Mail, UPS or FedEx
Attach them to an E-Mail and send them to us.

For those of you sending hard copy or digital files there is no additional fee.

Need a logo or want a special or animated graphic for your site? Customizing/designing a logo, making custom graphics or good animations is both tedious and time consuming.

Charges for any of the above are $50.00 per hour (1 hour minimum). Most items of this type take anywhere from 1-5 hours depending on complexity.

You've got the product and want the whole world to buy it! More and more people are making purchases over the Internet. It's safe, fun, and it allows potential customers to purchase merchandise that they might otherwise not be able to obtain due to location, time, or even being able to find.

Cashless commerce services are somewhat costly (compared to normal site development) due to the nature of the beast. For those of you who want to build the next E-bay, keep in mind that the software alone cost $500,000 and that was without the development fees. Of course most people don't need their own E-bay so the costs are considerably less.

Depending upon your needs there are two ways you can go. Manual processing or automatic online processing. Either method requires a small processing fee for each transaction. This fee varies depending upon the bank and/or payment processor used.

The cost of designing an online store is hard to calculate without discussing your particular needs, but a minimum set-up fee is $500.00.

Want additional links from your new or already existing website to other websites containing pertinent or relative information? We will research the Internet and locate additional sites and links that will complement your site.

Charges are $20.00 per hour (1 hour minimum).

Are you lucky enough to know a webmaster or have the ability to build your own site? Now you need to find a server or go to the costly expense of purchasing a system that can get your site out to the masses. Consider using our low cost web hosting service. Using multiple Dual Pentium systems and high speed Internet connections you can be confident that your customers and visitors will not be complaining about how slow your site runs.

Hosting begins at $200.00 per year. This includes 10Mb of disk space, 5 E-Mail addresses as well as a FTP account and/or Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions. Free 24/7 technical support and no additional set-up fees.

At these prices every company large or small (even mom 'n' pop or home ventures) can now consider a web site on the Internet. A presence on the Internet does not require that your operation incur any costs for computer equipment, additional phone lines or Internet connections, while it does allow you to reap the benefits of reaching customers citywide, statewide or even worldwide.

Information and ideas can be provided strictly by you which is as easy as providing us with already existing advertisement material and content, or it may be as complex as in-depth discussions and strategies that are jointly made between you and WebCatering LLC.

Feel free to call us at (405) 624-1716 with any questions you might have, even if you just have a question about building a site or a page.