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The Internet is the one and only advertising medium that can allow you to compete directly and inexpensively with the large corporations and conglomerates that are spending thousands of dollars per year in advertisement. Your website can be as simple or as complex as you wish.

Ask yourself the following questions about your current advertising:

Where else can you inexpensively advertise? Have you priced TV ads or a half page/full page ad in the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper? Will your advertising be in full color, showing your products at their best? Will it allow interactive participation and information to your customer, or give them specifications on a certain item they are wanting to buy? Can your advertising be seen by people around the world besides your local area and state?

Even if you go to the expense (we're not suggesting that a web site will replace the good old Yellow Pages) can you convey complete and extensive information regarding your inventory, products or services and their cost?

Over the years we have discovered that a lot of people would rather go to a web site and browse a product line, collect product information and check on prices, rather than call or visit a store or business. Viewing your web site means that they don't have to deal with traffic, what they may perceive as irritating sales people, or crowded stores. In our own personal lives, we generally check the 'net first to see if we can obtain the information we need without having to leave the house. No wasted trips, no wasted effort.

Consider what you're paying right now out of your advertising budget! Now, consider the low cost of a web site that can reach at least as many people as you currently do and has the potential to reach thousands or millions more.